A process is essentially nothing more complex than the straightforward act of using resources to convert inputs into outputs. Nonetheless, it is this simple uncomplicated model that represents the psyche of the process approach. As we know, the process approach essentially states that everything may be described and illustrated as a process.  From the highest level of your operation to its most basic activities, each level is a process made up of additional processes. Layer upon layer, with each layer becoming more directed to an exact task.  Viewing your organization as unmixed, or uncompounded you can now appreciate the essentials of your organization’s inner works, it’s interfaces and interconnections, free from unnecessary complexity or intricacy it can be more closely monitored, and its performance more measured. By employing the process approach as your organizational management strategy denotes a positive move on your part to accept the absolute essence of process simplicity and the potential derived from keeping it simple.

To better understand the Process Approach and its simplicity let’s consider thinking of your organizational structure as more like your cherished childhood toy, the Lego.   When you open your box of Legos each piece is recognizable; it’s color, shape, and size are all known.  With these pieces you can assemble a form unique to your specific desire, the object you envision.  Each individual piece works with the next in a defined manner.  However, should the piece not fit your need or produce what you want, you are able return to your box of Lego’s and select the one that will.  Also, should circumstances or your need change, you are free to modify your object to adapt to your new realities.  Processes should be like your Legos, the right color, size, and shape to do what you need to do.  Needlessly modifying the Lego block or your process will compromise its effectiveness and efficiency.  If it’s not needed or does not add value or the Lego is broken – get rid of it.

The simplicity of the process approach is derived from its focus. With the process approach everything can be explained and seen as a process, with its own set of inputs and outputs. Emphasis is placed on the process function with all its elements operating together. Your organization is segmented into these manageable portions which communicate, interface, function together joined much like your Legos.

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